Trying to reach your fitness goals on top of everything else going on can feel overwhelming.  

There is always too much to do and not enough time to get it all done, and at the end of the day, sometimes it feels like we are so busy just surviving that there doesn’t seem to be any room left for our health & fitness goals.  

As a matter of fact, most people give up on their fitness goals just a few weeks in. But not you, not this time!

If you crave a simple resource that offers a way to make getting fit and staying fit simple and doable, this is for you.  

Peek Inside the Fit Life Planner


After having two c-sections in less than two years, severe depression, a full time job and two kids under two years old… I gained nearly 60 pounds!  

I was miserable. I couldn’t figure out how to lose the weight, and every time I would start eating well and exercising, I would just give up a month later.  

Until one day… I didn’t. I took out a pen and paper and really sat down to set some goals and action steps to achieve them. Then I tracked everything I did, so when one thing didn’t work- I could switch it up.  

I created this product because I couldn’t find anything like it. Nothing was detailed enough to guide me and show me what I should be tracking. I didn’t need blank spaces, I needed straightforward guidance. 

When I was done I realized it was the exact push I needed. No one tells you how important planning and tracking is... and you never realize it until you do it. It is the missing puzzle piece to many fitness journeys and what helped me lose over 40lbs in a few months… and I’m still going strong!  

The Fit Life Planner is the exact framework that worked for me and many others. 


  •  Identify your biggest fitness goals and priorities, then provide a space for action steps to break them down into manageable bites.  
  • Gain an overview of what you are really doing and eating on a daily basis, so that you can look back and know what things need to change and what is working. If you’re not seeing results in your fitness plan, you will find out why. If you are seeing results, you will know what to continue. 
  • Reflect at the end of every month to see what went well, what didn’t and what should change or remain the same for the following month.  
  • Establish a fitness routine that works for your body. 
  • Plan your meals and your grocery list so that you always know what your food intake is going to look like to avoid falling off track.  
  • Track habits that will help you reach your fitness goals.  
  • Keep track of progress, measurements and recipes.  
  • Become more purposeful with your fitness journey by eliminating overwhelm, getting all those details out of your head and into one place that you can always look back on.  


  • Size: 8.5 x 11 for lots of writing space
  • Coil bound (please note the picture shows wire bound & black coil, but the planner is actually white coil bound like in the video above)
  • Dated from January 2018 - December 2018
  • 150 double sided pages (300 total pages on digital)


"The Fit Life Planner is the only thing that has helped me stay on top of my weight loss plans and actually keep going. Before I had it, I didn't know what I was doing and just taking it day by day. With this planner I never have an excuse because I have everything pre-planned and ready to go."

"The Fit Life Planner really helped me look back and see that I wasn't being as 'good' as I thought I was. Even though I thought I was doing a good job at being healthy, I wasn't working out as much as I thought I was and was still eating like 50% junk. It took away the blame I would normally place on something else and put all of the responsibility on me."

"I have been using the Fit Life Planner for a few weeks now and it has made all the difference in my life. Having things written down on paper really helped me nail down what wasn't working for me and where I needed to make changes to my routine and diet. It was also just motivating to see the progress I was making that I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't written it down."


  • What is the difference between the physical and digital version? When ordering the physical copy, you will have a physical planner shipped to your home. With the digital copy, you will receive a digital download in your email. The planners are the same, but with the digital copy you would have to print it yourself.
  • How much does the Fit Life Planner Cost? The physical copy of the Fit Life Planner is $45 and the digital copy is $19.99. 
  • When will I get my planner? Physical planners will begin to ship on December 28, 2017. We do our best to ship our planners as quickly as possible. We print, bind and laminate everything ourselves and on demand. Since we are a small business, we ask that you give us a week to ship your product. Occasionally, during periods of high volume, we will experience a slight delay of 48-72 hours in processing time. How quickly your planner arrives will depend the shipping option you select at checkout and where you live in relation to us, which is in Chicago.
  • How soon should I order to guarantee a copy? The physical Fit Life Planner is extremely popular, and due to the nature of printing, manufacturing and shipping ourselves, quantities are limited. We strongly recommend ordering as soon as possible to guarantee your copy, as all planner orders are shipped out in the order they are received. The digital copy, however, is always available.
  • What is your refund policy? We understand that committing to a planner is a big decision, and we want you to feel confident with your purchase. Please take the time to review all of our photos and our video in detail, as well as to confirm that the size and dimensions will suit your needs, as all planner sales, unless damaged or defective, are final once shipped. If your item arrives defective or damaged, please email pictures to within 30 days of purchase. Digital copies are non-refundable due to their digital nature. 
  • What's makes this planner different from others? This isn’t just a 30 day or 12 week plan, this is a lifelong plan. That’s why you need a whole year of tracking, not just 12 weeks. Because even if your goals change, and they will, you will now need to plan for those goals in order to succeed. The Fit Life Planner gives you a whole year of fitness and meal tracking to keep you motivated and on track all year long. If is also very detailed and guides you on what to track, instead of just a bunch of blank space leaving you to figure it out.
  • What month does the planner start? January 2018